About Us



Whilst being focused in marketing our teas under our label “YG”, we are also privileged to handle few other world renowned brands. We are the sole agents and partner organization for the famous Chinese brand “VC”. We do handle other private label brands as well.

Our teas come in diverse forms of packaging namely, in packets, tea bags, metal tins, gift items, canisters or in any other mode of packaging of buyer’s choice. Our product offerings include black and green teas ranging from regular, flavored, fruit, specialty blends or for that matter any other tea requirement of buyer’s choice. 

About Yaas Global...

YAAS GLOBAL (PRIVATE) LIMITED is an enterprising Tea Export Company with a vision founded by it’s Chairman/Managing Director Mr Yasas Mahinkanda. He carries wealth of experience spanning over 35 years in the industry. Mr Mahinkanda being a senior tea professional in the trade was privileged to have been trained at Multinational and leading local tea export Companies in the country before embarking on his own journey through YAAS GLOBAL…

We are also specialists in handling shipments in bulk form, be it in traditional bags, cartons, wooden boxes, traditional tea chests or in aluminum/polypropylene bags.

We use state of the art infrastructure facilities with automated blending drums, packeting machinery for tea bags and loose teas.


A glimpse of the tea production process

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